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Viatek Renu-it Pro

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Viatek’s commitment towards a greener future continues to impress with an exciting new product that not only reduces waste, but allows the consumer to get more out of their alkaline batteries. The fantastic Renu-it ProDeluxe Battery Charger regenerates dead alkaline batteries as well as several common rechargeable batteries. You can even charge or regenerate mixed battery types and sizes at the same time!

The Renu-It Pro Battery Charger works with five different battery chemistries to recharge alkaline, NiMH, or NiCD batteries. Its unique design also protects against overcharge, overheat, short circuit and polarity-reversal issues. An LED indictor simply turns off when charging or regenerating process is complete. The Renu-It Pro is also equipped with four charging docks that charge AA, AAA, C, D, or 9 volt batteries.

Easy to use, the Renu-It Pro Battery Charger simply plugs into a household wall outlet allowing the consumer to charge or regenerate the batteries that they would have otherwise thrown away, saving them money and reducing waste.




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