Viatek Hurricane Spin Mop

In Uncategorized on June 15, 2012 at 5:49 pm

3 Ways to Get MoreOut of Your Duo Spin Mop:

Let’s face it; cleaning is not the most exciting activity you can participate in.

It usually takes far too much time, lots of muscle, and a little whining from those who are given the daunting task.

 But did you know, cleaning your home doesn’t have to be the horrible chore you once dreaded?

 Introducing one of Viatek’s newest innovative products from LouLentine and the Viatek team: The Hurricane Spin Mop! This fantastic device cleans floors in, under, around, and through the house without the use of harsh detergents (in HALF the time).

With that being said, here are 3 Ways to Use Your Spin MopDuo:

To clean up muddy paw prints!

Of course you love your dog, but your beloved pet can get quite dirty after playing outside! Simply mop away muddy paw prints and fur in one swift motion! The highly absorbent material in the Spin Mop traps dirt, dust, or liquids in an instant.

To clean the dust in those hard-to-reach places!

Use your spin mop to clean under tables, under furniture, behind doors, or under the bed. The unique design of the spin mop allows you to tackle any cleaning project with ease.

To clean your summer home!

Keep the Spin Mop handy for a stress free vacation at your summer home (or boat)!  Spills or excess water from the pool or lake can be swept away easily with the Spin Mop Duo! 

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