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Viatek Introduces Total Juicer Pro with “Slow Juicer” Technology

Chattanooga, Tennessee, Spring 2012-Mostjuice extractors on the market today chop, shred and strain; a method that generates low yield and wastes much of the valuable nutrients in food. The Total Juicer Pro is different, utilizing a masticating and pressing method of extraction.

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Known as a “slow juicer” because it operatesat only 80 RPMs and uses a mere 400-watts of power,it differs from conventional juicers that rip and tear through foods at 10,000 RPMs and suck up to 1,500 watts of power. However, names can be deceiving, as it actually juices more quickly than high-speed models, eliminates oxidation and separation, and expels a dryer pulp for less waste!  By using this method, juice retains up to 60% more vitamins than those produced by ordinary juicers. It is designed with an augur mechanism that presses food, rather than grating or shredding. Because it operates at a low speed, vegetables and fruits also retain more heat-sensitive vitamins like vitamin C and phyto-nutrients.

The Total Juicer Pro is versatile-juices fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, wheatgrass, nuts and soybeans. Unlike conventional models, it is also easy to clean. Simply rinse with water between juicing or take it apart easily for effortless top-rack dishwasher cleaning. Built-in rotary brush cleans as it juices and pulp is automatically separated for no-clog operation. What’s more, the Total Juicer Pro is dual stage, crushing contents before pressing and ejecting pulp.

“One look, one taste and the difference is deliciously recognizable.” says T.V personality and Viatek President Lou Lentine.


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